Sunday, October 19, 2008

Real-Eyes'ing Love

When we come to an understanding, actually an over-standing, about something, it's often said we realized something, but what does that really mean? To "re-al-ize" is to have what my mentor calls "real-eyes," to see into the heart of whatever, or whomever, it is you are trying to (over)stand with realness, with vision. Real-eyes'ing something is about piercing the heart of reality with the gift of sight.

And this isn't about physical vision, because as my mentor said, "you probably don't real-eyes how quickly you can transmute what you visual-eyes into visual-lies, hate from what you love." This is about seeing with your eye of wisdom, your jnana chakshu, also known as your divine eye, or divya chakshu. That is the picture above. It is through this center, your third eye, that you receive revelation and in-sight (there's that sight again!) into the underlying nature of the world. It is here where direct communication occurs between us, and the doorway through which we enter into another dimension. Where we see each other clearly, and perhaps (over)stand each other for the first time. When we have this (over)standing, my friends, we can't help but love truly.

It's such a magical thing to touch your own chakshu, or sight, and through it, cultivate deep love for someone.


VerbalKint said...

Dear Friend, I've wondered. How was this post inspired? Have you had the opportunity to practice real-eyesing?

Meetali said...

Yes, I have, for the last several years. The post was inspired through transcontinental distance and occasional silence, which have revealed more than words ever could.